4th Annual Medical Device and Diagnostic Cybersecurity Conference

Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, Belgium| 1st & 2nd March 2023 | Live in - Person Conference

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TT CS, Europe’s only dedicated conference for MedTech Cybersecurity professionals returns on the 1st & 2nd March 2023, Brussels!

Cybersecurity has never been more important. As medical devices become smarter and more interconnected, they are more vulnerable to harder-to-solve cyber threats and difficult to patch. Untargeted and increasingly sophisticated targeted attacks are impacting device safety and patient data. Continuously evolving regulatory requirements and guidance is changing the cybersecurity landscape. Manufacturers and health delivery organisations (HDOs) need to be more vigilant and cybersecurity risk mitigation needs to be prioritised.

As the threat landscape continues to grow, how would you offset a potential breach? How to incorporate security by design? What is the best practice for a swift implementation with lasting success? What are the potential solutions to the challenges? What is the impact of the recent change in regulatory requirements?

The 4th Annual European Medical Device and Diagnostic Cybersecurity Conference will bring together the Industry’s most brilliant cybersecurity-focused minds who will navigate this complex threat environment and share best practices for advancing the safety and effectiveness of life-critical devices and protecting patient data. With a diverse set of speakers and a range of industry perspectives, the two-day conference emphasizes actionable lessons from large manufacturers and hospital systems that can be applied to small and mid-sized organisations as well to strengthen security programs and device safety. A thoughtfully designed agenda will focus on addressing issues of shared responsibilities, best practices for optimising device security with improved risk management, and the complexity of maintaining state-of-the-art security throughout the product life cycle.

The TT Cybersecurity Conference will be filled with informative presentations, live Q&As, interactive roundtables, breakout sessions, and a continual exchange of dialogue, practical insight, guidance, and real-world networking opportunities. Industry experts will discuss strategies for protecting legacy devices from cyber threats, how to meet pre-market cybersecurity guidelines, implementing a resilience program, and best practices for balancing security, safety, and risk management.

If you are a part of the MedTech Cybersecurity community, TT CS guarantees valuable return on time invested.

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70+ MedTech Cybersecurity Leaders
Conference to be held in person
30+ Solution-Focused Topics
7 Hours of Networking


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Why Attend TT CS

Live interactive content

TT CS is a collaborative environment for learning with a powerful mix of interactive content. With breakout sessions and an informal Q&A after every session, panel debates, case studies and workshops; TT CS delivers all the cybersecurity content you need in the most engaging format.

Meet your counterparts 

With one of the most robust screening processes in the industry, all attendees will be in an environment full of MedTech Cybersecurity experts, exclusively. Attendees can ask their most important questions to the group for direct replies from elite industry experts.

Customize your content

TTCS will allow attendees to pick the subjects most relevant to them. This tailored event experience ensures each attendee receives the information, and networking opportunities, most applicable to their day-to-day role.

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